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Megan Wong @ Cleveland Elementary, Oakland

I applied to AmeriCorps self conscious that I was a career-confused environmental engineer who was considering becoming a teacher.  AmeriCorps was my opportunity to explore whether working with youth was a nice thought or a future reality.  

My AmeriCorps Term has been meaningful towards preparing me for teaching.  BAYAC has helped get me interested in teaching Latino populations at the elementary level.  Team Days have benefited my development by improving my articulation and facilitation skills.

Ramon Guerra @ Global Family School

BAYAC and my service site have not only allowed me to focus my career goals, but have also given me the skills to pursue those goals.

Shea McWhorter @ Markham Elementary School

Team Days have been very beneficial towards providing that extra boost I need to get through another week.

Charles Gaylord @ Claremont Middle School

I serve because… I want to help youth understand and be understood.  I want to give them purpose and insight as to why it is important to get an education and become great leaders in the future.

Francina Osejo @ Esperanza Elementary School

What has made my AmeriCorps Term meaningful has been connecting with families, connecting families to communities, connecting communities to school - I have never felt more connected.

Austin Miller @ Ruby Bridges

My Regional Supervisor’s commitment has made my AmeriCorps Term meaningful!

Imani Hinton Lott @ AIA at McClymonds High School

My service site has been very supportive.  Staff and teachers have encouraged me to go to grad school in order to obtain my teacher’s credentials.  Furthermore, they have offered a paying position as a tutor and teacher for summer school through the Fall semester of 2014.  Life Academy has been great - I feel blessed and lucky!

Elizabeth Beltran-Larios @ Life Academy High School

My service site has helped to shape my career goals by allowing me a great amount of time to teach and facilitate lessons to students.  It also helped me learn many different things to apply as a future teacher.  Now I feel more prepared and am still learning!

Cynthia Bellinger @ Piedmont Avenue Elementary

Honestly, one of the most meaningful aspects of my OCASA Term of Service has been making small connections with students and supporting them as they learn how to treat each other with basic respect and express themselves in an assertive way rather than an aggressive way.

Julia Stahl @ Horace Mann Elementary

Building positive and loving relationships with students has made my Term of Service meaningful.  I’m now sure I want to teach more than ever and Team Days have provided the space for reflection and support.

Stephanie Hoang @ Greenleaf Academy

Having a great Regional Supervisor and Site Coordinator and working with a great staff at mt site has made my AmeriCorps Term meaningful.  We’ve become so close it feels like family.

Sharaya Wiley @ Greenleaf Academy

This term of service has taught me that my career is centered around connecting with and motivating youth through speaking and sharing my story of overcoming challenges.

Kareem Marshall @ Life Academy Middle School

Service means sacrifice. It means putting people ahead of you, but also understanding that while you do that, you have to take care of yourself because it does reflect in the service that you do.

Raymond Ferrer @ Oakland High School, Oakland

It was important for me to give back to my community because I was born and raised in Oakland.

Daniela Vilchis @ Roosevelt Middle School, Oakland

*video courtesy of the Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula

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