Be the Change! Make a difference in the lives of youth.

I applied to AmeriCorps self conscious that I was a career-confused environmental engineer who was considering becoming a teacher.  AmeriCorps was my opportunity to explore whether working with youth was a nice thought or a future reality. 

During my first year, I grew so much as a person, facilitator, and youth worker.  At times I felt as though I was right where I belonged; other times I had to persevere through mess ups and flops to find what works.  Through it all, the relationships I fostered with my students and site team as well as the support of my AmeriCorps regional team and supervisor kept me going.  By the end of the year, after shadowing teachers and hearing about the diverse services that fellow AmeriCorps members provided, my career focus broadened from teacher or engineer to an array of professions within youth development.

During my second year, I served at the same school site, took on more responsibilities at my site and within AmeriCorps, and continued to invest in my students.  Through the support of my school staff and site supervisor, I began to shadow speech pathologists, school psychologists, and counselors throughout Oakland Unified.  Now at the end of my second term of service with AmeriCorps, I am leaving different from how I came-- assistant coordinator of my after school program and a hopeful, career-connected youth worker.